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"The Blacker the Berry..."






Our story opens when two young girls discover their grandmother’s diary.  As they sneak and read the diary, the intriguing story found within the pages is unfolded on the stage. Our story begins in 1948 when Hattie Clark is a bright 17-year-old that lives over Bowtee’s bar down on 4th Street, with her mother, the infamous, Deloris Mae Clark.

Living with Deloris is not easy.  Unhappy with the choices she’s made in life, Deloris is a bitter and negative bar maid who’s lost all hope for happiness.  In that misery loves company and Hattie is an only child, Deloris beats Hattie down constantly with her nasty disposition, fowl mouth, neglect, and verbal abuse.  She constantly tells Hattie how unattractive and “black” she is.

In spite of her mother, Hattie still dreams of being an attorney one day and with the help of a true friend named Naomi, she manages to keep a relatively good outlook on life, until...

Watch Hattie's life spiral down to its lowest point through a series of events no one would have ever imagined. Then watch how God steps in and helps her go from grit to glory in this floor slappin', high impact story of despair then destiny.

You will laugh, cry, and even dance in exhilaration as we use amazing creativity and some of Northeast Ohio's best talent to spread the good news that God is real and that there is hope no matter what you're faced with in life.

It's a show you'll never forget.  Some of the subject matter is a bit mature, so we suggest parental discretion and recommend you not bring anyone under the age of 10.


"The Blacker the Berry..." is written and directed by Award-Winning Playwright, Pastor DaNine K. Ward.

With COVID, our plans have changed a bit.  Currently, our goal is to create the movie in 2021. We are seeking donations to help pay the expenses of producing the film.  







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