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"I went to the Moved to Tears Murder Mystery dinner on Sunday, April 22nd to top off my 50th birthday. What great way to end my celebration. The show was great and the food was delicious. I've attended several shows and I'm always pleased.  It's a good girls night, date night or family night. Lots of fun!!" - Tracy M.

"Great local interactive dinner show!!
Food was excellent and show was very entertaining! Keep up the good work.
Attended as a single lady and definitely enjoyed warm family style seating. Don't miss out just cause you have no date!" Beverly O.

"You are sure to enjoy an evening filled with exuberant laughter, terrific singing, a meaningful message, and just plain ole' Fun! We have been to several Jada's Journey productions already and always look forward to the next! We especially enjoy meeting new friends around the dinner table, and the  wildly comical audience participation segments. It's truly a unique theatrical experience." - Rose D.

"I had such an amazing time. This play will have you laughing, reflecting and have you dancing in your seats. Come check out Jada's Journey, you're guaranteed to have a blast!!!" Tamiko W.
"I've seen 2 of her plays. Enjoyed them immensely." Angela K.
"At Jada's Journey with DaNine K. Ward and a whole lot of fun!! Good food...oh my gosh...such an energizing totally unique experience!!! We heard fab music, some unlike anything I have ever heard, and the story is one we all need to hear!" Rose D.
"Last night my wife and I went and see the play called Jada's Journey written and directed by DaNiine K. Ward. I have to say that this play was fun, hilarious, and very entertaining. Not only that, the food was hot and good. The atmosphere was so pleasant and the service was outstanding. They sung some good music and plus some audience participation. If you're looking to go somewhere that is different and given by good and Genuine people, then please go and see this play." Corthaniel L.
"I had a marvelous time last night! A wonderful production! I laughed so hard and truly needed that for I haven't laughed like that in a long time! Thank You for the wonderful singing and actors!" Valerie B.
"This event & performance was EXCELLENT!!! Food, show, singing all was great. A friend & one who will come back for the next event! GREAT job Pastor DK!" Beverly O.
"Really enjoyed this interactive play!!!! Its not only a must see but a must experience." - Tameka S.
"I tremendously enjoyed the show yesterday! I have spread the word about it, and hope to be able to come again soon. Thank you so much for sharing your creative abilities with the world. It was like being at a fun party. I absolutely loved the show, karaoke, random... , just everything! Thank you! Be blessed!��" - D. Moore
"OMG!! What a awesome play. My family and I had such a great time. Highly recommended to all to go see you will truly be blessed by the Pastor and her creative writing of these plays, the actors were phenomenal and the guests and energy was off the chain." Rhonda T.
"My group and I had a wonderful time! Everyone did an amazing job in playing their parts; staying in character the whole time. Thanks to all of you for the laughs." Kendra C.






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