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Creative Evangelistic Ministries & Entertainment
Creatively using the performing arts & other programs & activities to encourage, uplift, & inspire!



We don't just put on shows!  We put our hearts into everything we do, and we look for ways to blow you away with unusual events like mystery dinner theater and murder mystery dinner theater events that make you happy you came!  We want you to experience exhilaration and joy when you're with us!  We want you to remember the experience and come again and again!



Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, forget all about your troubles and be refreshed, laugh out loud, and enjoy some great entertainment in a pleasant environment!  We want to be a place of refuge for you! Our goal is to show you the kindness you deserve and give you the great service you've paid for with your hard-earned money.  We go out of our way to make sure you're comfortable, and if something ever goes wrong, we'll find a way to fix it.  It is our pleasure to serve you!




Our meals are normally served family-style.  So, it's highly likely you'll be seated with someone you don't know; but not for long!  So many times, people have sat down as strangers and left as friends!




We believe in doing our absolute best and giving our absolute best!  We don't cut corners.  Instead, we work really hard in rehearsals, so that we are well-prepared.  We believe in excellence and we believe you deserve a great show and a night to remember!



When you purchase a ticket, the proceeds go to help support our ministry, that is the church and its activities along with periodic benevolence for hardships.  Also, everyone who works in anyway is compensated; that's from the kitchen to the stage.  So, your purchase is actually helping to employ people.



Local talented performers who might not otherwise get the opportunities to shine, can now have an audience and the chances to see their dreams of performing come to life! So, when you purchase a ticket to one of our events, you are not just getting a great show, you're helping to fulfill a purpose and destiny for many, many people.




Our menu for our dinner theater shows pretty much stays the same.  Reason being, the items we serve are most popular.  More and more people are getting away from both beef and pork and there are some who suffer with shellfish allergies.  So, in order to accommodate as many people as possible, we keep it simple but Good!  Our fried chicken, oven roasted potatoes, and garlic green beans, rolls, and lemonade are all delicious. We can also substitute fried chicken for baked or you can order a veggie plate instead.


"Yesterday I went to the mystery dinner.  I had an amazing time.  The experience was great. The ambiance was fantastic. The food was too die for.  I had been wanting to go to one for so long and I was not disappointed.  My whole group loved it.  The fried chicken was amazing.   The actors were amazing.  Did I say everything was amazing? Totally worth every dime I spent.   If you get a chance to go to one if their events you will not be disappointed.  It was funny, interactive and had me guessing.    Please treat your self if you ever get the chance.  Take a friend or loved one.  Treat your self please." - Tammy M., Cleveland, OH

"Oh my! I just got home from the Mystery Dinner Theater Experience of "Lord, Who Dun Stole the Offering?" by dkWard Quality Entertainment Group and it was the most fun I've had in years at the theater! DaNine K. Ward and her group are off the chain!! If you haven't seen it, you have one more chance next Sunday, Aug 5th! I wont tell you who "dun" it, but with a cast of characters like Deacon Didn't Do It and Sis. Shady, it's a hoot! And the food was the bomb! I highly recommend it to all! Just ask Cheri Shumaker! You'll laugh your socks off while trying to solve the case!" - J. Lynette Hilliard, Cleveland, OH

"I loved it , not one boring minute food was good, actors, seating and music was well worth the time....." - Bobby Jo Curry - Cleveland, OH

"I love this place and dkWard has the sweetest spirit! It's a blessing to be inspired by this ministry! Keep on keeping on....." - V. Houston - Cleveland, OH






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