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Jada's Journey - Free Preview

Are you looking for night life entertainment that you’ll never forget?  Then you’re looking for Jada’s Journey Dinner Theater Events!  It’s a stage play, dinner, karaoke, and a party all rolled into one great thing to do near Cleveland, OH.

Jada's Journey Dinner Theater events are an adaptation of dkWard's spicy drama; "Jada's Journey".  It's a story of one beautiful young woman's dream of becoming an entertainer in the music industry, but she faces so many trials and temptations along the way.  Yes, she has big dreams and a great voice, but the devil has other plans!

Here's where you can read the first few chapters of the story, then make plans to join us for a dinner theater event where you can meet Jada and watch her story come to life! ~

  Jada's Journey - In the Beginning
  Jada's Journey - Who's Brandon?
  Jada's Journey - The Church Secretary
  Jada's Journey - Later that Night
  Jada's Journey - Brandon and Who?!!



















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