March 18, 2019 @ 2:49 PM

Vacationing may put dinner theater and murder mystery events on pause but when you’re parenting, the teachable moments never stop!

Last week my two children Kerri B. (age 14) and Khoury (age 12) had a little tiff.  They shared a room while we were on vacation, and their disagreement was all over a night light; one wanted it on, the other wanted it off.

Khoury was the one who caved, but not before he said something very hurtful to his sister.

She came in my room very early the next day to tell me.  This is not something she normally does; tell on Khoury.  So, I knew she was really hurt.

I got myself together and called Khoury in the room. I know kids will be kids and get into it sometimes, but I used this opportunity to teach the value of a loving and supportive sibling.  I believe siblings are your very first friends and the ones who will love you no matter what.  So, later in life, when there are failures, your siblings still love and believe in you.  When there are victories, your siblings will be the ones to celebrate and so on and so on.  Whatever the case may be, your brothers and sisters can be the greatest source of love, encouragement, and support.

This isn’t always the case, as in my own personal life.  I am not blessed with loving relationship with my sibling.  All I can do is pray and I do.

This is probably why it is so important to me that our two children love one another, but first, I wanted them each to know how important it is to know HOW to love the other.  We tend to show love to others in the way we desire to be shown love, but that may not be what the other person needs to feel loved.

So, I gave them a crash course on the 5 Love Languages.  Have you ever read that book?  I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to have loving relationships.  The book revolutionized my life.  I refer to its contents quite often.  So, I figured it wasn’t too early for them to receive such valuable information.  They listened intently and answered questions making me to know that they understood.  Then I instructed them to read 1 Corinthians 13 together.  I know God’s Word won’t return to him void.  So, I knew this directive would help, too!

Finally, they were instructed to clean their room together and hang out with each other for the remainder of the day.  Ok, that part didn't last long, but they got the point.

 I thank God for wisdom from the Holy Spirit. As parents, we need wisdom to raise our children in this world today.  For some of us, our parents would give us a directive and we’d dare not ask why!  Yet, I’ve learned that "because I said so!", will get you through the moment, but it won't get your kids through life.  

So, we must take time to explain, teach, and prepare our children, taking advantage of every teachable moment; understanding that teaching is a major responsibility of good parents. ~