February 22, 2019 @ 8:50 AM

The Lord will provide every resource needed to complete His ordained assignments and to fulfill His purposes. If you are truly doing His will, everything and every person you need is coming, in His time. Keep doing everything you know to do with what and whomever you have. Be faithful and be of good cheer. The Lord is never late, and He will supply your every need.

I can think of so many times the Lord has done this for me.  This one incident stands out the most:

The Spirit of the Lord spoke clearly to me and let me know that it was time to open another performing arts studio.  I immediately went to my roommate and asked her to pray with me.  As soon as we finished praying, the Lord directed me to call Randall Park Mall and to do it immediately.  I obeyed.  Do you know that we must obey quickly before doubt has an opportunity to enter in?  Anyway, much to my surprise, the mall was very interested in speaking with me; a performing arts studio in a Mall?  Yep.

I went and met with them and we negotiated a lease.  Now, please understand, I HAD NO MONEY!  I was barely making it for my personal self.  So, opening a new ministry/business was truly going to be a leap of faith!  I leaped.

I needed to come up with the money needed to open this studio.  The Lord immediately gave me wisdom!  I asked if I could put together a performance to do on stage in the middle of the mall for four weeks to promote our new studio, and the mall agreed!

Now, I’d had a studio before and had been working in the arts for over 10 years already, so I knew people.   I called singers, dancers, former students, and actors and every supporter I knew and asked them to help me to do demonstrations in the mall.  They agreed!

We purchased $7 t-shirts, we pulled out dance customs, I wrote a short skit, and selected some songs.  We set up registration tables, created forms, and we set up seats for the audience.  In other words, we took what we had and made what we needed.

There we were, in the middle of Randall Park Mall; dancing, singing, and acting and letting the world know that we were coming to the mall!  Guess what, without having really seen any proof, people registered for our classes and we made enough money to open the studio!

It’s true; God provides for where He guides!  In this instance, the Lord provided wisdom, a plan, people with talent, and money!

Do you have a God-ordained mission and assignment today?  Do the best you can with who and what you have and wait and watch for the Lord to supply you’re every need, and remember; He is an on-time God! ~