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Excerpt from "Jada's Journey" by dkWard Copyright '13


As Sis. Shirley began to speak, I didn’t know what to expect, so I just stood there and braced myself.


“Jada, you know I saw you coming out of that bar Monday night, and I’m going to let you know right now that Pastor wouldn’t approve, but more importantly, God doesn’t approve.” She said sharply.


“How do you know what God approves of?” I replied.  I only go there to sing.  I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I just sing.  What’s so wrong with that?”


“Jada, a bar is no place for a Christian woman to hang out.  We’re not supposed to blend in with the world, and everything we do is supposed to give God glory.  Now tell me, how does God get any glory out of you singing in bars?”


Just then, Carolyn came out of the sanctuary.  “Oh, there you are, Jada.” Then she turned to Sis. Shirley, “Praise the Lord” she said.  Now here’s a good time to tell you that these two don’t like each other. Carolyn says that wherever there’s any kind of mess, Sis. Shirley’s name is in it, and Sis. Shirley can’t control Carolyn the way she does other people, so she’s not feeling my big sister.


Carolyn could tell that we were having a little heated fellowship and she assumed that I wanted an out, and I did.  “Jada,” she said, “we need to go.”  With that, I looked at Sis. Shirley and kindly said, “Pray for me.” and walked away.








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