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Excerpt from "Jada's Journey" by dkWard Copyright '13

Later that night, I was sitting in LaRob’s Bar and Grille waiting on my turn to do my Karaoke thing.  As usual, I was praying nobody from the church saw me go in because I knew they would think I am a hypocrite, but I'm not.  I just love to sing, and the songs I enjoy singing are not songs you would sing in a church.


Make no mistake; I love church music, too, especially the hymns.  The words to hymns really do have a lot of meaning and it’s just something about them.  I don’t know, after hearing and singing a good hymn, it’s like you just ate a good heavy meal like some grits or something.  


Then you’ve got those songs that inspire you, you know, make you feel like you’re gonna make it.  I call that “Feel Good” music because it does just that; makes you feel good.

But oh, the gospel choir!  I love it when our gospel choir is rocking on a Sunday morning, and you should see the choir director! Man, she really gets into it!  They sing those songs of praise that make you feel real grateful to God for everything you have, and for a while, it’s like your problems don’t even exist.  Then they go into the whole worship part, you know, when the music is slower and the songs kinda talk directly to God.  I don’t know what it is, but whenever it gets to that part, I start crying, and I can’t even tell you why.  That part really warms my heart.  It’s like I can only go so far though, you know, before I seem to like fall off and my mind starts wandering.  I don’t know what that’s all about.


Now, you’re probably wondering if I ever sing in church like in the choir or something, and the answer is no, not right now.  I really can’t tell you why because I honestly don’t know why.  I just don’t.  I used to be in the choir, but somewhere along the way, I lost interest, and I haven’t sang in church in nearly 5 years. I know.  I know. They ask me to sing all the time, but I always find some excuse for why I can’t.  I think it’s because I feel a little guilty about singing in a bar, but not enough to stop doing Karaoke every Monday night.  So, like I said, I’m in LaRob’s and the place is packed! ~









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