[Creative] Evangelistic Ministries
Sometimes you just want to get away from it all...forget all about your troubles & have some fun, great food, & entertainment in a pleasant environment.  Well, we are here for you!  Here are the great shows we present in rotation.


"Moved to Tears" Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Event - The obnoxious Mr. Pitts who has just inherited his late dad's company, has just moved in to his new penthouse suite and is unexpectedly called away on business in Europe.

Before he goes, he insists upon meeting his new "employees" and hosts a quick dinner meeting where he intends to leave instructions, but before he gets a chance to make his ridiculous demands, somebody kills him, but who? There are so many people with reasons to want to see him dead!

So here YOU are; an employee of the "That's a Joke Corporation" and you've been called to the meeting! It's last minute and you weren't expecting to be in attendance! So what will you wear? Just what were you doing when you got the call to get there right away? There will be a prize for the best costume!! But, if you don't feel like all that, it's perfectly fine, just put on something comfortable and come help solve the mystery.

This is the most thought out murder mystery dinner party you'll ever experience!  With a great plot, real story line, and most creative atmosphere, we think you'll agree; our murder mystery dinner party is to die for!!



"Lord, Who Dun Stole the Offering?!" Dinner Theater Event" - One small church has been raising money for new pews and the big day has finally arrived!  Yes, this is the day when they all learn how much money they've saved!

You see, nobody knows the grand total because each Board Member could make deposits, but no one could receive the balance.

So, it's the Big Reveal Sunday and the entire church is staying for a special afternoon service that includes dinner, a brief program, and then the big number will be revealed!

Eyes are closed tight, hands are crossed, and prayers are going up as Pastor Lumes takes the sealed envelope in hand.....drum roll please......  He's so excited, but as he starts to read the balance, he can't believe his eyes...






It's the "Men, Women, and Motown" Dinner Theater Experience!  This is an entertaining and interactive stage play, a delicious meal, and the wonderful sounds of Motown all combined into one great event that will have you singing, dancing, and laughing while you fall in love all over again! 

Say what?  You're not committed?  That's okay!  This inspirational show is for all adults who love Love!  So you don't have to be on a date, you can come with a friend or family member, but no matter who you come with, you're going to have a great time! ~

STORY LINE - After over 20 years of marriage, Mrs. Smith is ready to call it quits when Mr. Smith insists upon giving it one last try by going back to the place where it all started; a Motown Concert.  Will they be able to overcome their differences?  Are the sounds of Motown really magical?  Come and see!