Quality Entertainment Group, LLC.
Creatively using the performing arts to encourage, uplift, and inspire!


We specialize in creative ways to share the gospel, exhort, and inspire people to be all God has created them to be!

Our outreach ministries are designed to build you up in the faith and to help you grow! 

Here’s what we have to offer. All programs are open to the public and please be sure to check our calendar of events for dates and times.



GFB offers a series of exciting social events, interesting and informative classes, and creative activities for married, engaged, and dating couples headed in that direction! These various gatherings are designed to help strengthen your union in exciting settings with other couples who can relate!




GFB Single’s Version is designed to prepare people over the ages of 25 for marriage by providing a series of exciting social events, interesting and informative classes, and creative activities.


The Inspirational Community Choir for ages 5-18, will be used as a means to teach biblical-principles including compassion, support, and help for the fellow man.

Other performing arts opportunities will be made available where subject matter is also used to teach biblical principles.



These times of training are designed to give school-age children a ‘crash course’ in prayer in and an impartation of the spirits of obedience and prayer.  We believe that they will go and infiltrate neighborhood classrooms, schools, and even their homes!


This Bible-based, motivational workshop will help you in your ministry, business, or career. You will learn practical ways to walk with confidence in your purpose, set and accomplish your goals, and live the abundant life of fulfillment Christ came to give you!

The Abundant Living Empowerment Workshop is created for the edifying of the Saints for the work of the ministry, and the building up of the Body! Many of us have dreams, and unfortunately a lot of our dreams go unrealized, not because God can’t keep His promises but because we lack the discipline, drive, and hard work it takes to reach our goals.

This workshop will motivate you to pursue your God-given dreams by helping you become sure of what you’re supposed to be doing, how you should be doing it, and when you should be doing it! Call us today and find out how you can host this powerful workshop at your church or ministry or here at the dkWard Multi-Purpose Center.